Sometimes It’s OK to be Self-Centered

You know that deliciously invigorating feeling you get when you’re satisfied with yourself? Whether it’s a finished project, or the beginnings of a new one, there is something to be said for indulging in a self-satisfying activity. Yoga helps me feel that every day – guilt-free.

Stretching Beyond My Inhibitions

Often portrayed as mystical buggery in film and television, the reality of yoga is much more about finding your own true self, than it is about incense and chanting. At its core, yoga is the practice self-awareness through discipline of the mind, body and soul.

Even today, as yoga gains popularity across the States, it might be easy to shrug off the intricate and deliberate methods of yoga as less sophisticated and grounded in thousands of years of practice and perfection.

Yoga challenges the individual to reach deep within themselves, acknowledge areas that need improvement, and then carry those changes out to become better in tune with one’s own sense of purpose and place in human existence.

No Special Equipment or Trendy Diet Required

When you begin integrating yoga into your daily life, it’s tempting to go overboard with the latest trends and “must-have” accessories. The truth is, there is very little expense required to begin your yoga journey.

It’s probably a good idea to invest in a decent yoga mat, and make sure you have plenty of water and healthy ingredients, but there’s no reason to break the bank. Yoga is all about moderation, the self-indulgent part is mostly introspection and the satisfaction of treating your body well.

You must always remember that yoga is about perfecting the you that’s already there, introducing you to your true self, essentially. Like every healthy relationship, this process takes time, so don’t rush yourself, or you’ll only end up discouraged quickly.

Yoga Means “Unite”

The word itself means to join together, and yoga is most commonly practiced in this way. By joining a local yoga class or following lessons online, yoga practitioners find themselves supported by a community that has a 5000-year-old history.

There are community programs that are dedicated to helping people integrate yoga into their daily lives, and there are infinite sources of information available online concerning the benefits, risks, and inclusion of diet, exercise and meditation into daily routines.

Yoga may be the art of self-awareness, but it isn’t about isolation. Finding your peaceful center may require the elimination of stresses that have plagued you, but it isn’t intended to be a discipline of self-torture, just moderation and dedication.

Patience is a Virtue in Yoga and Life

They say that all good things happen in their own time, and yoga is no exception to the rule, in fact, it’s a perfect example of the rule.

No one can know when they begin a yoga regimen exactly what changes it will bring upon their lives. I can count on yoga, however, to help me find the balance I need in my own life; you can, too.